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Condensers and dry coolers

Axial fans customized to meet your dry cooling requirements

CondenserAt Multi-Wing we know that your decisive factor as a manufacturer of condensers or dry coolers is low power consumption. This makes high demands on the axial fan and the design of the blade profile. Turbulence across the blade must be minimized to reduce noise and increase efficiency and thereby reduce the power consumption.

We can offer you an axial fan solution that meets these demands, especially in the larger fan diameters that are often required in condensers and dry coolers.

We offer axial fans in a number of materials but for this particular type of application, we provide fan blades cast in glass reinforced polypropylene (PPG) and glass reinforced polyamide (PAG). Hub parts are cast in aluminium alloy (AL). The choice of material depends on the environment in which the axial fan is placed such as exposure to UV-radiation and an aggressive environment causing corrosion.

The Multi-Wing Sickle blade profiles are most suitable for condensers and dry coolers. Depending on the size of the required axial fan we offer:2Z, 7Z, 1W, 2W, 3W.

The 8D and 8M blade profiles are also suitable fan choices for condensers and dry coolers.

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Multi-Wing service and design axial fans for three main segments and a number of smaller segments. Most segments can be viewed here.

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Multi-Wing’s unsurpassed technical expertise in axial fan design is the foundation of every fan we build. We back up decades of experience and innovative Research and Development with the best service, support and delivery time in the industry today.

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