Axial fan airfoil high efficiency

Airfoil axial fans


Multi-Wing’s airfoil axial fan series can be used in almost any air moving application such as cooling towers, engine cooling, HVAC and refrigeration. It provides high volume with low power consumption for optimum efficiency. Multi-Wing’s airfoil design has a broad operating range, making it suitable for everything from the most demanding engine-cooling applications to essentially any ventilation requirement. Airfoil fans may be configured for either blowing or sucking, and the blades may also have varying pitch angles to control air volume. The airfoil’s low power consumption saves power while reducing noise, making it a high efficiency solution for a spectrum of cooling applications.

Your benefits:

  • High efficiency design.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Low noise from twisted blade design.
  • Diameter range of 222-2746 mm (8-108 inches).

Multi-Wing’s high efficiency blade design makes our airfoil profiles a great answer for the challenges your company meets from the Tier 4 emissions standards and the Stage III B Standards. The airfoil series offers great versatility and can be used in a large number of configurations due to many different blade sizes, wide diameter ranges and various materials.

Snow guns

It is important that the axial fan of your choice is extremely durable and able to give you the same high airflow even when temperatures are really low.

D series axial fans

Multi-Wing’s D-Series is highly cost-efficient and provides a successful combination of high airflow and high-pressure rates at low speeds.

True reversible profile

Multi-Wing’s innovative true reversible axial fan series is designed for applications that require high efficiency in a reversible configuration.

PressureMAX profile

This remarkable axial fan can help your company meet the Tier 4 emissions standards and the Stage III B Standards for off highway engines.

Increasing arc profile

Multi-Wing’s increasing arc axial fan series is a suitable solution in applications that demand high performance in challenging inlet conditions.

Sickle profile

Multi-Wing’s sickle axial fan series is the answer for generating pressure with low noise axial fans.
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